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End of the Summer of 1,000 miles

I started on a journey 175 days ago. Initially I did not set-out to walk far, but isn’t that is how most of life’s journeys get started? I had a simple goal: I wanted to be able to eat Easter dinner! I have gestational diabetes and need to watch my carb intake, walking naturally lowers your blood sugar, so I started a twice daily walking (or biking) regiment. Before I knew it 30 days passed, then 60, 100, the days just kept passing until I reached 175. I will admit it, my walk is getting a little slower, it resembles more of a waddle than anything. But I’ve managed to walk once a day 100% of the last 175 days, and twice a day on 90% of those days. Continue reading “End of the Summer of 1,000 miles”