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Love & Joy

It’s been three years since my last blog post, yet at renewal time, I just couldn’t let my blog go. I was reflecting as to why I needed to hold onto it. I mean I had recently re-read a bunch of my old blog posts and cringed as I read them. I would write them so differently now. A little less preachy, maybe writing in the mess, versus waiting until I had cleaned up the mess. And it’s been three years since I posted! Continue reading “Love & Joy”

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Anywhere but Here

One of the most powerful destroyers of peace and joy is “living anywhere but here”.  It also prevents you from fully Embracing Life.  Men and women have been faced with this throughout the ages, but I believe that recent technological advances have made this an exceptionally difficult landmine in this day and age.

So what exactly do I mean by “living anywhere but here”?  It primarily manifests itself in three ways: Continue reading “Anywhere but Here”

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That Perfect Moment

Every now and then you have one of those magic moments that you know you want to ingrain in your mind forever.  I had one of those last week, December 30, at an Oceanside hotel, 80 degrees, the whole pool to myself, floating on my back, looking straight up at the clouds, with palm trees swaying in the rear.  Absolutely perfect.  My happy place. Continue reading “That Perfect Moment”