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When being right is over-rated

My need to be “right” has caused a lot of arguments in my house.  Take the other day for instance.  I went to sit down to eat my breakfast and my Money & Kiplinger’s Magazines were both GONE from the table (horror of horrors)!  I had left them nicely stacked in the center of the table the day before and SOMEONE had moved them. Continue reading “When being right is over-rated”

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Strategic Life Planning

Call me crazy, but Strategic Planning is hands down my favorite annual project. My second favorite project would be putting together the detailed plan, down to the umpteenth detail, outlining all the steps, time lines and resources needed to accomplish the goals setforth in the Strategic Plan. I love dreaming what could be – but a dream without a plan is just a dream, whereas a dream WITH a plan becomes reality. Continue reading “Strategic Life Planning”