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Now I Know that God is Real!

My son is 8, and he asks me a lot of questions about God.  How do we know that God exists?  How did the Bible get written?  How can it be that God was never created?  What happens to the people that never heard about God?  How do you hear God’s voice?  Why doesn’t he talk in a voice that everyone can hear?

“Really kid? You’re eight.” So I bought him a book called “801 Questions Kids Ask About God.” His response?  “Finally!”, as he ripped the book out of my hands, and ran upstairs to start reading.

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More than a song?

Sunday I was singing in church when I heard a still quiet voice, “do you really mean the words you sing?”

I was struck by the fact that if we truly believed from the bottom of our heart, the words we sing and the prayers we say, then we would act a whole lot better.

I am reminded of something I read in Brennan Manning’s book “Ruthless Trust”. He was talking to a man who told him that he didn’t need anymore revolution than he ready had, he just needed to act on what had already been revealed to him.


Selah. (Pause, ponder, consider)

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Kicking Stress to the Curb – Prioritizing

Everything is urgent.  Everyone demands my time.  After working all day, I go home to three young kids, a husband, and house full of chores to complete.  It would be easy, even understandable, for me to be stressed out.  But amazingly, I am not.  I have chosen to:

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A Marriage Worth Fighting For

He is Hispanic, I am Caucasian.  He is from Panama, I am from the U.S.  He is Catholic, I am Protestant.  He bleeds blue, I bleed green. His vote cancelled out mine in the last election.   Could you find two more different people?

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