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Love & Joy

It’s been three years since my last blog post, yet at renewal time, I just couldn’t let my blog go. I was reflecting as to why I needed to hold onto it. I mean I had recently re-read a bunch of my old blog posts and cringed as I read them. I would write them so differently now. A little less preachy, maybe writing in the mess, versus waiting until I had cleaned up the mess. And it’s been three years since I posted! Continue reading “Love & Joy”

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I Love a Lonely Day – part 2

“Nearly all of God’s jewels are crystallized tears.*”  It is so hard.  Why do we have to go through hard times?  I know they bring me closer to God, but it hurts so much!

It is often the painful things in life that later bring us great joy because it is only then that God’s true power is seen clearly.  When I am weak, He is strong. Continue reading “I Love a Lonely Day – part 2”