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Learning not to engage

If someone at work emails me, I email them back.  Even if it is just to say “thanks”, “got it” or “ok”.  If someone enters into conversation with me, I normally respond back, as it would be rude not to!

But I am finding that life is just much more peaceful if you learn that sometimes it is okay not to engage. Continue reading “Learning not to engage”

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Finding Peace – by relaxing?

I am very organized and LOVE to be productive.  For fun, I read books on increasing productivity.  Sick, I know.  Relaxing used to always make me feel guilty.  But that is a false guilt.  There is nothing wrong with taking reasonable amounts of time to relax.

Slowly I am coming to terms with the fact that there will ALWAYS be something I “should” be doing So if I am going to relax, I have to just decide to relax. Continue reading “Finding Peace – by relaxing?”