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When Poor Planning Becomes My Emergency

I remember the first time I heard the quote “poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine.”  I wished I had the guts to tape it outside the wall of my cubicle.  Heck, I wanted to add it to my email signature line!  Fortunately I refrained, because that would not be polite, nor would it be a good political move.  Instead I cleaned up every mess that was thrown my way, and I did it *mostly* with a smile.  The more I cleaned up, the more that got thrown my way. Continue reading “When Poor Planning Becomes My Emergency”

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“God’s up there, we are down here, it’s our job to do what He tells us to do so He doesn’t smite us down.  I hate it when people say ‘God’s my best friend’, He can’t be your best friend.  None of that ‘when I looked back at the footprints in the sand’ stuff. We are not worthy, period.”  I find myself grieving over these words that came out of the mouth of a co-worker and friend. Continue reading “Grace”

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Clutter, clutter, go away, come again no other day

I hate clutter.  I like clean lines, cleared off surfaces, minimal decorations, one color objects.  When I walk into a clean ordered room, I sit down with a sigh of peace inside.  When there are things every where, I find myself screaming inside.

But working full time, with three young kids, there seems to be clutter, clutter, clutter everywhere! Continue reading “Clutter, clutter, go away, come again no other day”

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Learning not to engage

If someone at work emails me, I email them back.  Even if it is just to say “thanks”, “got it” or “ok”.  If someone enters into conversation with me, I normally respond back, as it would be rude not to!

But I am finding that life is just much more peaceful if you learn that sometimes it is okay not to engage. Continue reading “Learning not to engage”

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Kicking Stress to the Curb – Prioritizing

Everything is urgent.  Everyone demands my time.  After working all day, I go home to three young kids, a husband, and house full of chores to complete.  It would be easy, even understandable, for me to be stressed out.  But amazingly, I am not.  I have chosen to:

Kick Stress to the Curb Continue reading “Kicking Stress to the Curb – Prioritizing”