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The Work Mom

A few weeks ago, I got called “the Mom” at work. Quite frankly, it angered me. I have no problem with being called Mom at home. I see it an honor and a privilege (most days at least.) But not at work.

The Mom is the one behind the scenes, that makes everything run. She sacrifices much – and it mostly goes unseen.

She is the one who gets up early, stays up late, and even wakes in the middle of the night. Putting her needs aside to take care of everyone else’s needs.

She works and works and works. She loves and loves and loves – until there is nothing left. And then she works and loves some more.

There is little glory. Just messes she didn’t make to clean-up, meals to make that may or may not be eaten, and laundry that will just get dirty again, to wash.

But I do it because I have a greater calling. I love these little people more than I ever thought was possible. Because I was born to be their Mom.

Yet as much as I love being a Mom at home, I don’t want to be called Mom at work. It’s why at work I never wash other people’s dishes, volunteer to take notes, book travel or stock the fridge.

Yet despite YEARS of intentionally trying not to take on Mom roles at work – in the end, I got called the work Mom. And it really pissed me off. (No man would be called the work Dad.) I actually even thought about quitting, it made me that mad!

I go through so much of my life unseen, unappreciated, undervalued … I don’t want that at work too.

But maybe I am the Mom. Maybe that’s who I really am. Maybe I’m not anything more than that. Maybe that’s everything. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with that?

I know inside that women run the world. And Moms (especially single Moms) are some of the strongest people on the planet. So much selfless love without any of the glory. That is true strength.

But sometimes I want to be more than just a Mom. I want to be seen, and maybe a little bit of glory.

“Seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm 34:14b

2 thoughts on “The Work Mom

    1. Because I was helping to supervise a big event. There is another guy that handles the details, but I direct when everyone needs to be where and when.

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