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Forty and Fabulous

I turned 40 and fabulous a few weeks ago. A few months before I found myself praying about the upcoming milestone and as I did, I heard just one word, “LOVE”.


My spiritual life has evolved with each decade of life. The theme of my teenage years was one of “Foundations”. Where I was getting a base in my faith, figuring out what I believed and moving from being Christian because that was the faith of my parents, to claiming that faith as my own.

The theme of my twenties was “Discipleship”. Where God was calling me to go deeper in. A time where I learned more about what it means to be a follower of Christ. It was during these years that I experienced some of the greatest changes in my life. Where I first heard God calling me to a lifetime of daily taking up my cross to follow Him.

The decade of my thirties was when I heard God calling me to “seek peace and pursue it.” Where I learned that God did not want me to live my life full of worry, anxiety, stress, and fear. Where I learned that I did not have to allow outside circumstances to take away my peace.

Now that I am entering my forties, I hear God calling me to LOVE. To let myself be transformed by love. To love and to be loved.

Several years ago, I wrote a life plan (those of you who know me aren’t surprised by that!) Part of it includes who I want to be (in addition to what I want to do). I want to be known as a 1 Corinthians 13 woman.

Unfortunately, I fall so short. Oh so very short. In fact, sometimes I feel like I am moving backwards. But I hear God calling me forward into that love.

So now I start this new journey seeking love. Not forgetting my pursuit of peace, as I still desperately need peace in my life. But somehow I think that as I am transformed by love, that will bring me even greater peace. If I need to take a few breaks along the way to revisit peace, that’s okay – even to be expected. It is a journey, not a race.

And now I hear Him calling me to press on to love, and to let myself be transformed by that love.  So I jump in – a bit afraid – but I take the plunge anyways.

“Seek peace and pursuit it” Psalm 34:14b

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