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Just Breathe

Work is getting crazy.  This is normally my busiest time of year, but it has gotten even busier than normal.  I just finished filing our Disclosure Document, (a very fascinating read, it is required by the FTC, and about as interesting as reading a Mutual Fund prospectus.)

Next up, two huge software enhancements that I am project managing, an in-town advisory council meeting agenda, our National Convention to plan, content to write, and our annual ISO audit  (that’s a big to-do in the manufacturing world, and a lot of work for me). I also have about 75 reports to pull and analysis for these events.  Oh yeah… then in my free-time, there is my normal day-to-day responsibilities.

Oh my!

It is times like these that I am so grateful for the peace of the Lord.  He is still ever teaching me.  I am now learning that to have peace at work I need to learn / perfect some skills.

#1 – Prioritize and Conquer.  For years I have tried to follow the “Eat that Frog” method, where you figure out what the biggest priorities of the day are, then do those first before anything else can crowd it out.  Making my list of where I will focus my time helps me to get twice as much done as I would otherwise.  I am also forcing myself to limit my schedule to advancing no more than three projects per day so that I actually finish something each day.

#2 – Email does not control me.  Oh my goodness, my email does not stop.  I literally could spend my whole day doing nothing but email.  I try and follow the inbox at zero emails method.  When I get emails in, I move them into folders.  One folder for items I can address in 5 minutes or less, I bunch them together and respond to them all a few times a day so they don’t consume my entire day.  For new projects, I add a task to my to-do-list, then put the email I need for reference in another folder.  I also have individual folders for those routine tasks that I perform weekly, that way I can deal with them all at once.  I try and handle each email 1-2 times, then delete.

#3 – Delegate then project manage.  I like to get things done.  I tend to do them myself.  But I cannot, I simply do not have the time.  So I have had to position myself into more of a project manager role, where I make sure the project is moving forward, without actually doing all the work myself.  This by far is the hardest thing for me to do, but it is the thing I most need to work on if I am to reach my goal of becoming VP.

I still am on a roller coaster of a ride for the next two months or so, but I feel like I am growing so much professionally that it makes it worth it.  In the meantime, I find myself praying for peace while the storm rages around me.

“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14b

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