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Keeping the Drama Out

A woman on the phone sat down next to me at the park.  Her conversation was riddled with DRAMA with a capital D.  As she was talking, I kept thinking to myself, “you don’t have to live that way!”  As she continued speaking, my thoughts turned into, “Thank God I don’t live that way anymore.  Thank you Jesus for filling me with your peace.”

I no longer permit constant drama to rule me. 

It does not mean that drama does not go on all around me (it does!)  But it means that I specifically work to not let that drama get inside me.  Today there was a perfect illustration of this at church (although he had a completely different point to the sermon, but I think he’ll be okay with me borrowing it for my illustration!)

Exhibit A: A jar of red beads.  This represents the drama around me.

Exhibit B: A jar of green beads.  This represents me.

Someone opens jar A, takes out a red bead and puts it in jar B.

For a long time, I thought that I had to let the red bead stay inside me.  And over time, as more and more red beads got put inside, it began to look more like a Christmas tree than a jar of green beads.

But then I learned, that I don’t have to let the red beads in.  I can pack them up and send them on their merry way!

Yes, the red beads will still be out there, surrounding me, causing all kinds of drama.  Every now and then a stray bead even makes it way into my jar.  But since there are mostly green beads inside, the red beads stick out.  Helping me to remember that I can send the red bead on its merry way.

I don’t have to let the red beads live inside me.  You don’t either.

“Seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm 34:14b


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