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Make it Stop!

Last night the power fluctuated.  When it came back on, the back-up sump pump alarm was going off.  There is no off button on the alarm.  It is a high pitched, piercing noise that can be heard in every room of our house.  We bought it 10 years ago, and it has saved our house a few times, but it makes me crazy.  Home Depot was closed, so there was no fixing it tonight.

THANKFULLY the alarm burned out right around midnight.    (Thank you JESUS!!!)

But then my husband says, “I hope we don’t wake up to a flooded basement tomorrow.”   Really, did you have to say that?  Because then my thought pattern goes like this…

I need to go downstairs.  I need to go right now, I need to check it every hour because if it starts to flood and we vacuum it out as it comes, then we won’t have a huge mess.

The cow!  Oh no, the cow!  What if the freezer goes?  We just bought half a grass fed, antibiotic free cow on Wednesday.  We haven’t even cooked 1 lb of the meat.  If the sump pump fails and the water backs up, then my freezer will go and we will lose the cow.  Oh, that poor cow will have died for no reason, that doesn’t seem right. And then what will we do? I wonder if he has any more unsold cows?

I am so glad that we got extra coverage for fridges and sewage back-up.  Would we get everything restored or use it as an excuse to purge and just get rid of everything and take the payout?  Thank goodness I work in restoration because I know who to call.  But then my premiums will go up.  Hmm…


It took me about 10 minutes to get to that point.  But thank the Lord I got there.

No, I refuse to think about this.  I will not worry about this!  If something does happen, then God will give me the grace I need to deal with it at that time.  I will not think about this anymore.  I choose peace.

Did you hear that? I choose PEACE!

Then I went to sleep.

Even though I’ve been on this peace journey for 5 years, sometimes my mind just does what it wants.  But thankfully these walks down Worry Lane are shorter than they used to be.

This morning my thoughts were:

Thank you Jesus for peace.  Laying in bed worrying about things that may never happen just feels awful inside.   I have learned so much about peace these last few years, and I choose to cling to your teachings.  I do not want to live the way I used to live.  I refuse.  I choose peace.  I choose You.


PS. Our new back-up sump pump WILL have a button where you can shut off the alarm.  Thank goodness they made that change in the model!

“Seek peace and pursue it”.  Psalm 34:14b


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