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Waiting – for what?

Lately I have been in a stage of waiting.  I’ve been flooded the last few years with craziness around me, and a quiet time of waiting is just what the doctor ordered.  Yet rather than embracing this time of “peace all around”, I find myself wondering if it is the lull before the storm?

I am now used to being at peace on the inside, but not quite sure what to do with myself when it’s peace all around.  And I find myself waiting, but not exactly sure what for?

Hubby with two of the kids
Look at who I get to wait with! Note the pick pocket in red!

I will embrace this wait while I have it.  I absolutely love the current ages of each one of my children.  My husband and I are in a good place, we even had two dates this month!  And my work, well although it has its challenges, I enjoy what I do.

Spiritually, no big revelations, no major break-through.  It feels more like a comfortable relationship with an old friend.  I guess that’s how it should be.

Maybe waiting isn’t all that bad!

How could I not love waiting with a face like this?


 “Seek peace and pursue it”. Psalm 34:14b


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