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I Love Being a Mom

Even family members were surprised that I decided to have a third child. Preclampsia, gestational diabetes, miscarriages, bed-rest, induced pregnancies, NICU stays, over-dosed TWICE. Why do this again?

The biggest blessing in my life is first and foremost the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The second biggest blessing is my family. My children are the joy of my life. Flat out, I love being a Mom. I love pretty much every aspect of being a Mom.

Do I get tired? Of course.  Do I get irritated, short-tempered, over-worked? That is a given. Would I trade it for anything else? NEVER.

I love being a Mom more than anything else.

I am not naturally a “baby person”. Unless you are my close relative, I probably will never ask to hold your baby. Inside I may secretly cringe if you ask me to hold your baby for even just a minute. I do my turn of infant childcare at church because I feel a sense of duty, not because I really want to hang out with a bunch of babies.

But when it is my own kid, something magical kicks in. I love to hold them, their diapers do not stink quite so much, I am able to be calm when they are colically, my instincts kick in when they get sick, and I just know what to do next.

Do I think I will have more kids? My body is telling me no, (I am getting closer and closer to that 40 mark), but my heart still has so much more love inside. Maybe I will just have to adopt.

“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14

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