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Who’s Right?

It started simply, an innocent question of a friend on juicing an orange. With or without the peel? I knew she only buys organic fruits, so I said “with, if they are organic and washed”.

And then someone else said “no! The peel is toxic!” Now I know the peel isn’t toxic, but the chemicals sprayed on the conventionally grown orange peels is toxic. I was about to respond when I stopped myself.

Did I really want to get in a Facebook war with a stranger on something I could care less about, just for the sole reason of proving I was right?

No, not really.

Sometimes it’s best to take a time out and decide to hold our peace. This stranger can avoid the peels if she wants. During the 4 times a year that I lug out my juicer, I will put my organic oranges in whole, and so tasty it will be.

It reminds me of a verse a friend use to quote (a Protestant high school attempt at humor), “even a fool appears wise when they keep their mouth shut.”

Sometimes being right is overrated.  And a Facebook war, about something petty, is definitely overrated!

“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14b

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