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Standing in your Truth

There are some days that I just don’t want to open up the budget software.  Recently we got hit by several really big expenses – all unexpected and unplanned.  New tires for my car (we hit not one, but two pot holes), a new engine for my husband’s car, larger than expected taxes, and a big medical bill.  You do the math…oh my!

And so I, the one who seriously LOVES to do her finances, found myself avoiding the budget.  I wanted to stick my head in the sand and hope it would just all magically blow over.

Maybe that lotto ticket (that irritates me so much when my husband purchases them) will actually be a winner?

But, instead I took a deep breath.  I opened up the software, I downloaded my bank transactions.  I figured out how and when it will all be paid.  (I also realized exactly why both Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman tell you not to keep your emergency fund invested, as I had to quickly sell a bunch.  But I digress.)

But when I faced the truth – the anxiety lifted.

Yes, we will have to tighten up for the next few months.  But facing the truth rather than hiding from it is much more freeing.



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