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Consider it all Joy

Today at work some co-workers had their panties in a twist, and I was not joyful about it. Rather I was irritated, I complained, and got mad. I wrote harsh, witty emails, and fortunately had the good sense to erase them before hitting send.

So then I read this tonight:

“Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encourage various trials” James 1:2.

That’s always one of those scriptures that when I first read it, I don’t like it too much.  (Maybe I’m even tempted to slam it shut).  But when I stop.  Mediate on it.  Slowly, it begins to have a soothing effect.  As the words wash over me, it leaves me with HOPE.

Hope that good can come from even the most annoying of days.

The knowledge that my joy is NOT dependent on my circumstances.  My joy is in Christ!

I don’t have to get all worked up.  I can choose joy – even in this.

Joy is a fruit, something that must mature.  Unfortunately the maturing process can be a bit long and painful.  But even so, I choose JOY.

Amen.  So be it.

(And if you get a chance, say a prayer for me.  It’s my busy season at work!  3 more weeks of craziness!)

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