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Hands Free Mama

I first saw it on Facebook, a new book called “Hands Free Mama: A guide to putting down the phone, burning the to do list, and letting go of perfection to grasp what really matters!” by Rachel Mary Stafford.  Just reading the title made me want to turn and run.  Both towards the book (because I knew I needed it), and away from it, because I knew that it would be a painful – yet very necessary journey for me to take.The first day I read about 5 minutes of it.  Resolved to do better.  Got up, walked out of the room, and straight to the computer.  Darn it!

The next day I read a few minutes more.  I decided to let the kids stay up an extra hour late, and we sat and snuggled on the coach and watched a movie.  I cannot remember the last time I actually watched a movie WITH my kids.  It was fun.

Then came Sunday.  It had snowed all night, and continued to snow steadily for almost the whole day.  We decided not to leave the house, as the roads were too icy.

I mentally thought through the day to come, and decided that I wanted to take extra moments with the kids that day.

So I started the morning by finishing the movie with Antonio and Maria…snuggled on the coach of course!

Then I got out the arts and craft supplies (which I rarely do, because it makes a mess), and we made birthday cards for my Mom.  Did you notice that I said “we”.  Yes, I made her a card too.  I chuckled at the thought, my Mom had not gotten a homemade card from me in about 30 years!

Since we had the supplies all out, we also decided to make snowflakes.  We then realized that there was bird poop on the outside of the dining room window, and since it was too cold to go outside and clean it off, we taped the snowflakes to the window to hide them from our dining sight.

After lunch we played Yahtzee.  My husband joined in too!  I believe it was the first time we had ever played a game with all 4 of us.

After the game, I cuddled up with a good book.  It’s okay for me to take time for myself too!

Maybe there is something to this…

Putting down the things that distract me to focus on what is most important.

That gives me PEACE.

Seek peace and pursue it.  Psalm 34:14b

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