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When Poor Planning Becomes My Emergency

I remember the first time I heard the quote “poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine.”  I wished I had the guts to tape it outside the wall of my cubicle.  Heck, I wanted to add it to my email signature line!  Fortunately I refrained, because that would not be polite, nor would it be a good political move.  Instead I cleaned up every mess that was thrown my way, and I did it *mostly* with a smile.  The more I cleaned up, the more that got thrown my way.

But inside, I was livid.

And then, the angry feeling “hit the fan”.  I had been told four months prior that we would be rolling out a new program.  My response had been “Great.  Let’s sit down and figure out what we need to do to get it implemented. Let’s scope out the software changes, see what legal paperwork needs to be drafted, put the procedures in order, and hire the personnel.”

As time went by, I asked about it at least ten times.  Nothing.  I even put together a first draft of the procedures with the little info that I did have on the program.  Nothing.

I had taken two vacation days.  On my first day off, I got the call.  They were rolling out the program – the next day.

I hung up the phone, livid.  All my plans for the next two weeks were out the window.  I had to drop everything and put the program together.  What was most frustrating to me was that it did not need to be an emergency.

But then a few weeks later, it hit me.

I am good at cleaning up messes.  I mean really good.  My gifting is in making order out of chaos.  I thrive in crisis situations.  So maybe, just maybe, I need to shift my thinking.

I can accept that no matter where I work, they just are going to create unnecessary emergencies for me – that’s part of being human.  My kids…I love them, but they will do it to me too.  So I will just accept that it will happen.

I can make a decision that when that happens, my response will be to remain in perfect peace.  Instead I will choose to smile and say, “of course, I would love to do that.”

I can choose to remain in perfect PEACE.

That is what they pay me for after all.  I solve problems.  I clean up messes.  That’s why they need me.

Besides, I’m so done with being mad.  I think my new motto will be:

“Poor planning on your part that necessitates an emergency on mine will not rob me of my peace and joy”.

“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14b

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