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That Perfect Moment

Every now and then you have one of those magic moments that you know you want to ingrain in your mind forever.  I had one of those last week, December 30, at an Oceanside hotel, 80 degrees, the whole pool to myself, floating on my back, looking straight up at the clouds, with palm trees swaying in the rear.  Absolutely perfect.  My happy place.


One week later I found myself battling a snow storm, trying to get to my first day back to work.  Every school in the area was closed, including most colleges, and many state offices…but we were open!  And I found myself thinking back to that perfect moment, when I heard a still small voice, “there is beauty here too”.

I turn up a worship song playing in the background, “And ooh there’s something ’bout the way Your sun shines on my face.  It’s a love so true, I could never get enough of You.  This feeling can’t be wrong, I’m about to get my worship on.  Take me away, It’s a beautiful day.”   (Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace).

And suddenly as I drive through an industrial area to my work place, I notice the snow covered trees look majestic.  Even the pile of dirt that I pass every day actually looks photo worthy today.  And I smiled, because there is beauty in the everyday moments too.  It is a beautiful day!  (But get me some warm socks, my feet are cold!)

Ahh…a perfect moment here too.

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