Posted in Seek Peace and Pursue it

Finally Relaxed

I have a hard time relaxing.  Email, work and household chores always call my name.  Even when I had my last child, I found myself responding to work emails from the hospital.  But there is one place, just one, where I am able to just sit back and totally relax.

Yes, I check in every few days so that I do not get bombarded with emails upon my return.  But I find myself without an opinion, able to say, whatever you guys think is okay with me.  I strategically plan my email checks to after hours or at lunch, so as to not get caught in an email chain.

It is nice to have one place to just sit back and relax.  Enjoying time with family and friends.  Remembering who I am, and not just what I do.

Ahhh…PEACE.  It feels so good.

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