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Clutter, clutter, go away, come again no other day

I hate clutter.  I like clean lines, cleared off surfaces, minimal decorations, one color objects.  When I walk into a clean ordered room, I sit down with a sigh of peace inside.  When there are things every where, I find myself screaming inside.

But working full time, with three young kids, there seems to be clutter, clutter, clutter everywhere!


I have been slowly tackling areas of my home, one at a time, with one goal – to get rid of at least half of the items in that area.  I’ve been going at it with a take no prisoners kind of attitude.  I feel no guilt as I let go of things that clear out my home.

See it takes time to take care of all that stuff…

and I’d rather spend that time with family.

It takes money to buy all that stuff…

and I’d rather just save the money.

So far I have made it through the kitchen, the hall closet, the family room and the garage.

That first time I walked into the cleaned out garage, I was so happy inside.  We cleared out so much that my son can ride his scooter.  I can park inside with plenty of room to fully open the doors on both sides.   I love opening my hall closet and seeing everything in its place.


Seeing my husband drive away with a van full of items to donate or recycle.  The recycle (trash can size) filled, with additional boxes beside…Peace inside.


“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14b

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