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Precious Blessings

Imagine my surprise when I found myself pregnant 6 short weeks after suffering a miscarriage. Fast forward and that new life just turned 1! I am in awe of all that God has done in her and through her short life. God told the Israelites to recount their blessings and share them with others…so here goes.

It's my birthday!

1. I was so deeply sad to lose a child. I was too filled with grief to even think about having another.

God knew the plans He had for me, plans to prosper and not to harm, plans to give a future and a hope.  Proverbs 29:11

2. A day after finding out I was pregnant, I got offered a new job. What pregnant woman leaves a stable job?  I had such a peace that it did not even occur to me to worry.

God is my strength and song.  Exodus 15:2

3. After finding out I was pregnant, the new job sweetened the pot. The one Executive who would have squashed it was on the road.

God opened a door no man could open.  Revelations 3:8

4. When I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, God held me right hand, protecting me and my baby.

God is my healer.  Exodus 23: 25-26

5. I walked 1-2 days daily for 7 months. Not missing a day until I gave birth.

God gave me strength to walk and not grow tired.  Isaiah 40:31.

6. I counted my carbs at every snack and meal for 7 months.

God gave me a spirit of discipline and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7.

7. When my car was too small to fit three carseats, and we had no money for a new one, a family member gave me their car.

God is my provider.  Philippians 4:19.

8. When the baby didn’t want to come out 5 hours after I was fully dilated, and we later found out that the cord was wrapped around her neck and she would have been strangled if she had.  It hurts to breath thinking of what could have been.

God knows all.  He knows the very number of hairs on my head!  Matthew 10:30

9. When I did not qualify for paid maternity leave, God provided for me, and I was able to take a full 3 month maternity leave.

God provides for me, and in abundance.  1 King 17:13-16

10. When my baby was blessed with the happiest, most easy going personality, who slept through the night at two weeks, and rarely cries – even when teething.

God just loves to bless His children for no other reason than that they are His children to bless.  Matthew 7:9-11

11.  And she is only 1, there is much more to come.  He says:

…I have much more for you than this.  2 Chronicles 25:9.

Thank you God for all your many blessings.  I am floored by all you have done for me, for my family.  May I never forget the many miracles, large and small, that paved the way for this beautiful child.  My prayer for her each night:

“Bless my daughter, may she come to know her God, and one day ascend to His holy place, may she be wise, may she be just.  Watch over my beloved child, may she be filled with your grace, every spiritual blessing & unmerited favor, may she be healthy, may she be strong, may she walk in the ways of your son Jesus all the days of her life.  Amen.  So be it.”

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