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Do it Afraid!

I have been watching my 4 year old learn to conquer her fears.  It stills this mother’s heart to see her learning to look at her fear, take a step back, and then charge ahead and meet it head on.

We signed our daughter up for three rounds of swimming lessons this past summer.  All was going well during the first round, until they had to do bobs.  That involves putting your head under the water.  She ran away screaming, and refused to even enter the water.  After the last day of the first session, we debated cancelling the second two sessions.

There was a week between classes, and in that time frame, a movie arrived in the mail.  It had been placed on our queue month’s ago, called “Do it Afraid!”  It is a kid’s movie by Joyce Meyer that talks about confronting fear by trusting God, and then doing it afraid!

The next week, round 2 of swimming classes began.  She told me she wanted to go, and that she was going to do it afraid!  And she did.  By the end of the week she told me that bobs were fun.  By the end of the third session, she jumped off the high dive.  She did it afraid!

Recently we went to the conservatory, where they had plants from around the world.  We entered the desert room.  She took one look at this huge plant and ran away screaming!  I explained to her that it was a plant and not a monster and could not hurt her, but she did not want to go back into the desert room.

Between you and me, I have to admit that it was indeed one scary looking plant.

The plant
The plant, isn’t it ugly?

I told her to sit on the bench so I could go back in and look at a few more plants.  After a minute, I sensed the presence of a little person behind me.  There she was, ready to see the desert room.

Right before it was time to leave, she asked to go back to the desert room.  She then walked straight up to the big scary plant and proceeded to laugh at it.  She had done it afraid and found she was no longer afraid!

Amazing what a four year old can teach you about facing your fears.  Trust God.  Then do it afraid!

“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14b

Here’s a link to the movie on Amazon.  It is part 2 of her kid movie series (What About Me is the name of the first movie):

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