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Morning Awakenings

At 4:45 AM a still small voice awakened me. “Get up. Go study the Word.” I wish I could tell you I got up, but that would be a lie.

Instead it was, “is that really God? Do you know what time it is? If this is really you God, please wake me up in 30 minutes, You can do anything.” And within seconds I was back asleep.

Later I was reminded of Samuel who was awakened in the night by a still small voice calling his name.

The thing about God is that He won’t barge His way into your life. But if you ignore His voice, eventually you will no longer have the ears to hear Him call.

I don’t ever want to be in that place.

I hope that next time my response will be “speak Lord for you servant is listening”.

(Although I do respectfully ask that all conversations begin at a more decent hour of the day!)

One thought on “Morning Awakenings

  1. I know exactly what you mean 🙂 There was a period last year when I was struggling hard to prepare the programme for a children’s camp. I was seeking God’s direction and inspiration the whole day and went to bed almost at midnight, exhausted.

    I suddenly woke up – wide awake – at 2am and ideas for the camp just flooded into my mind at a rush, it was so overwhelming that I had to get up to write them down in case I forgot! This continued for 3 hours! until I begged God to please stop, enough!

    I was totally blown away and humbled by this experience. I knew then that God listens, that God answers prayers, and God probably was in a different time zone at the time!

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