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Busy, Busy, Busy

My pet peeve answer to “how are you?” is “Oh you know, busy as ever.” I hate using the term “busy” to describe my life!

Yes, I have a very “full” life. Married. 3 young kids. I work full time. Active in church. A household to run. Social commitments to keep. But a full life does not have to equal a busy life!!!

Busy indicates to me that I am overloaded, hurrying from one thing to the next. It indicates stress. Which is the opposite of peace.

Indeed, I lived that way for many years – but not anymore! A series of high-risk pregnancies forced me to slow down, and take time to rest and refresh. In the process I discovered that life is just so much more peaceful that way.

I can tell when I have been doing too much because I start to get agitated inside, short with my husband, gruff with my kids, irritated with my coworkers.

That is why I refuse to do anything on Sunday besides go to church and make dinner. Once or twice a month I stay home all day in my PJs. At least once a week, I must get two full hours to be with me, myself and I – and no one else. We say yes to one social invitation per weekend. In my book, there is little that can beat a lazy weekend morning with all five of us cuddling in bed until 10 AM.

I have found that when I slow down, I am able to enjoy my life. When I take time to refresh, I am kinder to my family, and more productive at work. When I have so much going on that I cannot take time to refresh, that signals to me that something has to change.

So what if my house isn’t spotless, my kids don’t do 50,000 extra curricular activities, or if we miss a social event. This is my life, and I intend to enjoy it.

I refuse to live a busy life. I choose peace.

“Seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm 34:14b

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