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Learning to Stand

We live in a divided house.  Our state has two main football teams.  Whereas I root for State, my dear husband roots for the BAD team.  We also happen to live in the Home Town of said BAD team.   Since my son could talk, I have dutifully taught him about the magnificent wonders of State, and recounted all the horrors of the BAD team.

I admit it, I may even have taken advantage of the fact that his favorite color happens to be State’s color.  Hey – when you are in enemy territory, you have to pull out all the stops.

Once a month, it is college day at school.  So one September night, my son found his State jersey and laid it out to wear; snubbing the BAD team shirt that my husband had bought him.

But that next morning he awoke a little sad.  “Mommy, I know that if I wear the State shirt to school, everyone is going to make fun of me.  Everyone else likes the BAD team.”

And I caved, I looked at his eyes, trying to hold back the tears and said the words I never thought I would, “it’s okay, if you want to wear the BAD team shirt, Mommy won’t be mad.”

Then he looked me in the eye, straightened up and said, “no Mommy, I want to wear the State shirt.”

So he wore it.  And some kids made fun of him.  But I could not be prouder of him.

Not because he wore State’s jersey, but because he counted the cost and decided to stand for what he believed in, even when it would be easier to cave to peer pressure.

And oh yeah, he’s SEVEN.  Seven!

I am glad that he had this experience at such a young age.  Tomorrow the stakes will be higher, and the cost greater.  I pray that this will be the first of many decisions to stand for his beliefs, without regard of the opinions of those around him.

We live before an audience of One.  That’s all that matters.

“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14b

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