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I was blessed with a 32 hour work week for two and a half glorious years.  God performed two miracles in my life in order to give me such an amazing gift.   Next week I will work my first 5 day / 40 hour work week in a loooooong time.  Life will change that’s for sure…but I will forever be:


May 2008, I heard Him say, “one year from now you will be home.  You are not to try to make this happen, you are to trust me.  And when it does happen, you will know it was because of a miracle of God and not because of the work of any man.”

May 2009, I was home…on maternity leave.  But I wondered was this really the miracle?  Not wanting to be ungrateful for a beautiful baby girl, but I had been expecting something more, and I wondered if I had really heard God???

But inside I knew that I had heard Him.  In fact, I had heard it repeatedly over that next year.  Even more than that, I had felt His presence.  I did not understand why it hadn’t happened how I thought it would.   But I couldn’t focus on that – I would trust.

That’s when I heard Him say “my timeline is not your timeline.”

I’ll admit it, I did not like that answer.

Two years later I fell flat on my face.   But out of the ashes… what was a living nightmare turned into one of God’s greatest gifts to me.  I found myself going from working 40 hours a week to 32 hours a week – but with no change to my pay whatsoever!!!

A miracle literally dumped in my lap by God.  WOW!  That’s God’s economy right there.  What man intends for harm, God intends for good, and He is good all the time.  Amen!!!

10 months later I was ready to change jobs, but I did not want to give up my 4 day work week.  A dear friend of mine said,

“Who are you to limit God?  If He wants you to keep your 4 day work week, you will get to keep it. You don’t get to write the end of the story!”

Gulp. Thank God for such good friends who speak the truth to me!

And then a new job literally fell in my lap.  They were willing to let me keep my 4 day work week for at least the first year.  Pay me more.  Give me opportunities for growth, and to be able to do what I really wanted to do.

Another miracle!

And now, after two & a half glorious years, it is time for me to go back to a 5 day work week.  I will admit, at first my flesh screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”  I like my work / life balance, I LOVE the extra time with my kids.

My flesh wants to complain.  But that won’t do anything but make me miserable.  Instead, I choose to concentrate on this:  Gratitude.  

I will be forever grateful for…

  • 120 extra days with my middle daughter Maria.  Of my three, she is the one who needed the time with me the most.
  • 50 extra summer days with my oldest Antonio.
  • A successful high-risk pregnancy, plus almost a year full of Wednesdays with my sweetest baby Sofia.
  • Closer than ever with my husband.

What a blessing!

And I know He’s not done.  I still hear Him say, “I have much more for you than this.”


I choose to trust.

I choose to walk in joy.

I choose to be patient.

I choose peace.



“Seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm 34:14b

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