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GMO free kitchen

I did it.  I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets.  I had been dreading it.  But dread does not allow you to walk in peace.  Plus it needed to be done, as I had not cleaned them out since before the baby was born (and she’s 8 months already!)  And since we have decided to go GMO free when we can, today was the day!

Thank goodness it went much better than I had anticipated!  Nevermind that I ate the last cookie so I didn’t have to throw it out (at least there was only 1 cookie left, and not a whole box!)

I got my new cell phone app ready, NxtNutrio.  You scan your food item and it tells you if it’s GMO or not.  Pretty nice!  Unfortunately they are still building their database, so I have about 4 or so items that I am still waiting on an answer from them.  (Hot sauce, pasta, evaporated milk and popcorn).

I started by knocking the organic granola on the floor.  Yeah.  Clean-up, re-start.  I had already pretty much cycled out our GMO cereals, so the only GMO products left in the pantry were mostly empty cereal boxes, pancake mix and syrup, plus a few stray packages of ramen.  Hubby doesn’t want to part with the pancakes stuff, so I am putting them on one special shelf for him.  (But I will not be re-buying the same brand when we run out.)

Then onto the second pantry (aka, the basement stairwell wall).  Good all around here.  Jello packets and one can of soup was all I had to take out.

Then onto the cabinets.  I threw out the baby rice cereal, the soy beans I munched on when pregnant for the extra protein (pure GMO, yum), and the last 4 fruit roll-ups.  Checked the sugar – cane sugar, yeah!  Cocoa – pure cocoa, yeah!  Then in the top shelf, in the very back, I found it…a bottle of corn syrup.  I don’t even remember when I bought it!  That went in the trash quicker than you can imagine, as I am sure it is pure GMO.

Next to my favorite of all cabinets – my spice cabinet.  I have a very large cabinet which holds over 100 varieties of spices.  I love to cook real food from a variety of international cuisines.  That requires having just the perfect spice.  You do not mess with my spice cabinet.  So I did not want to go into this one.  But I did.  Actually not too bad.  Most of my spices are single ingredient.  I make a lot of my own spice mixes (curry, masala, herbes de province), so I know what’s in them.  There were a few store bought spice mixes, but they were pretty much all expired long ago (that’s how often I use them).  I will need to replace my bouillon.  Whew…not much tossed, yeah!

Now onto the upper lazy Susan.  I did toss quite a few from there, a few more soup cans joined the donate pile.  Almost all the kid’s candy hit the trash (we still had candy from Valentine’s and Easter, so it was time to go anyways).  Bread crumbs, the left over graham cracker crumbs from Christmas, random condiment packets from dinners out, the fish stones (why were there fish stones in the cabinet?), the ground coffee I bought 2 years ago for vacation, and Kool-Aid.  I am still stewing over the big bag of raisins.  They aren’t GMO, but grapes are part of the dirty dozen for pesticides.  Hmm….

Lower lazy Susan – not too bad, only thing was the Pam, and powdered sugar (I already have a big bag of powdered sugar from cane – and how often does someone who rarely bakes really use powdered sugar anyways?)  I also tossed the last of some rice from the gulf area, because rice from that area has tested high in arsenic.

Altogether – it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I had imagined they would be totally empty.  I think the reason we were able to keep so much is that the bulk of my food purchases consist of 1 ingredient products.

When all done, I only have one paper grocery bag of food to donate.  Although I kind of feel bad about donating food that I won’t eat because it has GMOs in it.  Hmmm…I will have to think on that one a bit.

Funny how when you complete a dreaded task, it actually gives you peace.

“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14b

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