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Learning to Cook Organically (while kicking fear to the curb)

I never really “got” why people cooked organically. It seemed to me to be just a way to waste your money. Wow – have my eyes ever been opened. And when it happened, I found myself angry.

I have read the newspaper cover to cover for over 10 years. I read the news online everyday on my lunch break. So why is that I am just starting to understand the dangers in our food supply? I mean…I have heard “green” people talking about it for years, but I never really got that it goes so much deeper than just “saving the environment”.  It’s ugly.  Really ugly.

Many of the foods you eat have been genetically engineered (GMO) so that they can be sprayed with Roundup and not be killed. Roundup! That is the spray you use to not just kill weeds but anything living in an area.

You do not need to do a scientific study to figure out that is not good for your body. You might as well eat food sprayed with bleach, as that would be better for you.

I feel lost. Everything I was ever told was healthy, I am learning now that it is not. Even the three major baby formula companies use GMOs in formula…formula! I feel like I cannot eat anything that I have in the past. How does one go out to eat without poisoning their kids? How does one have steak, when the kind free of hormones, antibiotics, and fed a GMO free diet cost $7+ for the cheapest cuts?

I found myself tossing and turning, night after night, as I start to piece together what is happening around me. Not just with our food supply, but with our government, realizing their are even darker forces behind everything that is going on.

Friday, I was awakened by a still small voice at 5:45 AM. “Get up. Pray.” I normally get up and pray at 6:00, but okay…I’ll get up. I begin to pray.

I will not live in fear. Fear brings torment. You can not truly LIVE if you are caught in its grips. I am meant for more than this.

Peace starts to return.

I opened my prayer journal and found a handout from a recent Women’s Retreat I attended, written by SS.

“I have a sense of dark days coming, the cultural trends in our society that concern me continue to escalate…

I tend to want to hunker down and just hope it all passes me by and that I will not have to do anything about it.

I am sometimes so distracted by what I consider bad trends that I can get a hopeless feeling and fail to see the GREATNESS of the God we serve.

If I take my eyes from the darkness and place them on God, I can see that


He can provide me with armor. He can win any battle against any enemy ranged against Him.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Why? Because –


He is the one on whom I lean and whom I find life, and love, and joy, and peace, and strength for each new day.

Satan would like to immobilize God’s people with fear.

But GOD’S love can mobilize us to be all that HE desires us to be in the midst of a dark and depraved generation.

As the darkness grows darker…


For the Glory of God.”

Fear gone.

Peace returned.

Thank you Jesus for waking me up early.

For the Glory of God.





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