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Day Wasted? Or Great Adventure?

Last summer I spent 4 hours at the hospital visting doctors, I brought my 6 year old along. This is the day through his eyes:

He woke up filled with excitement because today he would get to go the hospital with Mami! He kept asking me over and over if it was time to go yet. Once we got there, his voice was full of excitement, when we saw the tall buildings, “it’s like a big city Mami”, and when the bus went by, “Mami, Mami, look, there is a big blue bus!!”

The parking garage, that was exciting too, twists and turns until we found a spot. Then he got to take the elevator, not once, but twice, and he even got to push the buttons. While we waited, he told Mami all about the Transformers show he watched the day before, and got me caught up on who the good and bad guys were. Next we got to see the baby and hear the heart beat. That part was really cool, I will agree. He asked the technician all kinds of questions about the process, he was most fascinated with the gel that they put on my tummy.

Next it was lunch, in the cafeteria. This was exciting to him beyond measure. We got Subway. He told me it was the yummiest meal and didn’t complain once about all the veggies I had put on his sub.

We then had 50 minutes until my next appointment. So we went for a walk. First we spent quite some time on a bridge between the hospital and parking garage. He was looking at all the cars underneath and he wanted to know who the flowers belong to. He discovered that if he talked loudly, his voice echoed. Back to the lobby where they had some colored lights that reflected onto the floor. He walked up and down, “following the rainbow Mami!” The gift shop had lights in the window and they looked like real raindrops! He wanted to know if his sister had seen them before, when I said no, he was even more excited.

Next, we went up the elevator, again! Now to the doctor on the 9th floor. The view out the window! You can see a park on the roof of a neighboring building, a parking garage, a bell tower, and more! He spent about a good 20 minutes just looking at everything. we went into the exam room. He got to see Mami get her arm squeezed by the blood pressure cuff, and he thought that was funny. Then while waiting for the doctor, he said, “I’ll tell you when he gets here Mami, you take a nap.” And as soon as I’d start to dooze, he’d say, “Mami, Mami, he’s here!” and then laugh hysterically at his joke, and do it all over again.

What’s the point to this monologue. In reality, I spent 4 hours at the hospital with a 6 year old. Was it a day wasted or a great adventure? Life is much more peaceful when you choose to sit back and enjoy the great adventure.

“Seek Peace and Pursue It” Psalm 34:14

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