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Kicking Stress to the Curb – Prioritizing

Everything is urgent.  Everyone demands my time.  After working all day, I go home to three young kids, a husband, and house full of chores to complete.  It would be easy, even understandable, for me to be stressed out.  But amazingly, I am not.  I have chosen to:

Kick Stress to the Curb

Stress breaker #1.  Plan and prioritize your day.

It really is true that if you will take 10 minutes to plan your day, you will accomplish way more.  Here is how I plan my day:

  • Make a list of everything that needs to be done, along with time estimates for each task.
  • Star the things the absolutely HAVE to be done that day.
  • Prioritize the list.
  • When something is of equal importance, do the thing you least want to do first.  Better to not spend the day dreading the task.
  • Put it in the calendar,  I leave 60 minutes free for those pesky things that come up throughout the day.
  • On very stressful days, I make extra certain that I plan in at least 30 minutes so I can eat and take a quick walk.  There is nothing like a power walk at lunch to make you more productive in the afternoon.
  • Follow the list.

There will always be something unexpected that comes up.  If you complete the most urgent tasks at the beginning of the day, you can easily move the afternoon tasks to the next day, to make time for the unexpected.  Whereas if you had spent your morning filing, and left the most important tasks for the afternoon, you would end up staying hours late.

I have found that when I have a plan in place to complete all that needs to be done, my stress level decreases.  I just remind myself, “it’s okay that I am not working on that, this is more important, and I have planned to work on that at 3:00.”  I find myself getting more things done than I imagined.  I am able to make better decisions on what can be pushed to the next day, or the next week.  I am able to:


“Seek peace and pursue it”.  Psalm 34:14b

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