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The Truth About Patience

I have been duped!  I thought patience was to be avoided – but when I did that, I missed the blessing that patience brings.  The truth is, patience is POWERFUL.

Three and half years ago, the Lord sent me on a journey to seek peace and pursue it.  Recently I have heard the Lord asking me to grow in patience, because if you are not patient, you will never be peaceful.

Ouch!  I did not want to grow in patience.  Growing in patience is to be avoided at all costs!  But I have recently discovered that I could not have been more wrong if I had tried.

Patience is something to be embraced. 

For so many years I wrote off patience because it would bring about more “unpleasant” situations.  Equating patience with dying to self (i.e., pain), with trials (which we want to avoid), with letting others get away with things, and with not getting my way.

But when you write off patience, then you miss the blessing that patience gives – patience transforms unpleasant situations into something of beauty.  Choosing to be patient calms me inside, it gives me PEACE.

Did you catch that?

Patience is a blessing.

Patience transforms unpleasant situations into something of beauty.

Choosing patience brings you peace inside.

For the first time I find myself filled with gratitude for opportunities to practice patience.  I am learning to see patience as a gentle mantle that covers us.  So in trials, in pain, in relationships, when things don’t go your way, I can still remain in perfect peace.

Seek peace and pursue it.  Psalm 34:14b

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