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I Love a Lonely Day – Part 4

You wonder when the loneliness will end.  Will it ever be over?  I have learned that if you are not content now, you will not be content once your circumstances change.

Often we despise lonely days because we believe that we know what is best for us.  We think, “God would not have given me the desire, if He hadn’t wanted me to have it.”  The truth is, that even if it is a God given desire, that does not mean that it is to be fulfilled right now.

God’s desire was to save the world from its sin.  Yet He waited several THOUSAND years before He sent His Son.  He was waiting until the timing was right.  We need to remember that is true in our lives as well.

It is all about timing.

We live in a world that prizes the “right now”.

We get our food made – right now.

We drive up to a machine and get money – right now.

We take our phones with us so we can message – right now.

Right now is not a bad thing.  There is nothing wrong with going to McDonald’s or an ATM.  However, that does not mean we should apply these principles to our life with God. 

Sometimes we think that if we have to wait, all we are going to end up with is rotten milk.  But then you must remember that God is a loving Father.  He desires the best for you. 

He will not leave you short-changed.

Many times we try to tell God what He should be doing, “right now”.  I’m 24, I should be in a serious relationship.  I am 28, I should be married by now.  I am 35, I should have 3 kids by now.  I am 40, I should be a VP by now.  And on, and on the list goes.

What we are really saying is Hey God, you must have made a mistake.  Remember?  The clock is ticking, I am getting older as every second passes. 

It is arrogance to believe that our plan is better than God’s.  Relax!  God is the one with a perfect plan.  The perfect plan may mean you have to go walk some hard times.  But going through hard times is not such a bad thing.

That is life.  And that is what makes life sweet.

*    *   *

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