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I Love a Lonely Day – part 1

In every person there is a God-given desire to love and to be loved.  It is not uncommon to go through a season of loneliness.  In those seasons it is natural to try and stop the loneliness by filling it with other things.  Many times these things are good: school, work, church, and service.  This is not bad.  In fact the healthy person, married or single, should have a full life!  You are not half a person!

Yet these good things should not be used as an attempt to escape reality.

What is loneliness?  Is it a bad thing to experience?  When I was younger I thought only the weak and the social inept would experience loneliness.  After I graduated from college, I entered into a season of intense loneliness, and I wondered, what is wrong with me?

Over time I learned that only when I understood and embraced my loneliness, would I be content.

Elisabeth Elliot once said, “Loneliness is a required course for leadership”.  What could this mean?  As I pondered on it further, I realized that in times of loneliness we are forced to look to Christ.  We are forced to have a complete and utter dependence on Him.

In a song written by Amy Grant she sang, “I love a lonely day, it brings me back to you”.  And that is EXACTLY what loneliness is meant to do.  It is meant to draw you nearer to God, to force you to look to Him alone to fill that empty space inside.  No one else can fill it for you.

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