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Marching Around the Same Mountain

I spent YEARS of my life marching around the SAME mountain.  If I managed to propel my way out, I would march 1,000 times around the next mountain.  If I was really lucky, I would propel in the wrong direction – back towards the first mountain!  Wash. Rinse.  Repeat.

And no wonder, this is a typical week:

Sunday: Go to Church, hear about the Sermon on the Mount.  Start thinking about how I can grow in meekness – so not me.

Monday: Talk to a friend about trusting God in the midst of suffering.  Start thinking about how I can grow in trusting God – and how I dislike suffering.

Tuesday:  Watch Joyce Meyer.  She talks about Forgiveness.  Start thinking about who in my life I need to forgive – and who needs to ask ME for forgiveness.

Wednesday: Go to Women’s Group.  Discuss how we can better support our husbands.  Start thinking about how I can be a better wife – and how my husband can be a better husband.

Thursday:  Read a scripture about loving your neighbor.  Start thinking about how I can love my co-workers – and how they could treat me better.

Friday:  Turn off the radio on the way to work, and sing a few praise songs.  Start thinking about how good it would be for me if I prayed in the car everyday – and how it would be nice to have 2 seconds to myself period.

Saturday:  Read a Bible Story to my children.  Start thinking about how I need to be a better Mom and read them the Word more often – and how I wish I had more time to read myself!

Sunday: EXHAUSTED!  Rinse.  Repeat.

It’s like a ping pong ball!  Back and forth, side to side, trying so hard to grow in my faith, but in the end, I was getting NO WHERE.  That’s when God said to me:

Seek peace and pursue it. 

You are to ONLY seek Peace and NOTHING else.

Study it, crave it, seek it, pursue it. 

If I heard a sermon about something else, I could file THAT away.  I was under orders to just work on PEACE!  I was given the FREEDOM to let EVERYTHING else go.

All of a sudden, something happened – when I got serious about working on ONE thing, I actually made progress!  In fact, it was like getting a jet pack!  For the first time in a long time I starting having VICTORY.

I have been on this journey for three years now.  The more I study, the more I realize that I still have a long ways to go.  But I know that if I daily pick-up my cross (one-thing) and follow Him (Christ), if I press in as to get the prize (I keep at that ONE thing), then I will run and not grow tired, I will walk and not grow faint (ie., supernatural strength to press through it!)

“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14b

What ONE thing does GOD want you to grow in?  (And it really is okay for it to be just ONE thing!)

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