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Summer of 1,000 miles

This summer I plan to walk 1,000 miles. I’m almost half-way there.

I have gestational diabetes, and walking naturally lowers your blood-sugar. Today makes 12 weeks of walking/biking TWICE a day, every day, without missing even once. You heard that right, I haven’t missed even once. Who would have thought that I could do that? Now I imagine myself making it to day 175 or more!

It started Easter weekend. I was home, and as I come from a good Italian family, there was lots of good food. I knew that these types of food would create havoc on my system, as my blood-sugar was already testing high. So I increased my 4-5 times a week walk, to a twice daily walk. After the weekend, I just kept on walking. Before I knew it, 30 days had passed, then 50, 12 weeks…July 15 will make 100 days.

At some point I just decided, No Excuses. Got a blister? Too bad, put on a band-aid. Nauseated? Too bad, move and maybe you’ll stop thinking about it. Tired? You’ll be more energized later. Knee hurts? Oh well, skip the bike and just walk. Foot hurts? Skip the walk and just bike. Too hot? Walk inside. No time to drive to the mall? Turn on a Joyce Meyer podcast and pace inside. Things come up? I’ve been known to hit the bike at 11:45 PM, just so I could get it in before midnight! If you decide excuses aren’t acceptable then suddenly the excuses don’t have power over you anymore.

Why do I do it? Mostly because I want to keep my baby healthy. If I can keep my sugar in balance through diet and exercise, it’s better than putting meds into my body. I know meds are safer than letting my blood-sugar run wild, but if I can control it without them, better yet. I do it because I want to stay off bed-rest, I want to spend as much of my maternity leave with my baby, and not spend it in bed, miserably pregnant and bored. I do it because I desperately want to have a normal birth. I do it because I want to prove that I can do it!

But mostly I do it because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, “for we are OVERWHELMINGLY conquerors”, “for when I am weak, then I am strong”. I do it because CHRIST gives me the strength to put on my tennis shoes and just keep walking.


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