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In Pursuit

At 18 months my daughter started pushing me away. The emotional part of me was crushed. The logical part of me knew that as she was with her Daddy all day, of course she would prefer him. That’s when I heard God whisper two words, “PURSUE HER”.

So I took my Christmas break and just concentrated on loving her, pursuing her. By the time my break was over, she no longer pushed me away. Since then we have repeated the cycle multiple times. Part of me wants to give up, and just let her push me away because it is hard to keep pursuing someone who pushes you away. But the wiser part of me knows that she is 3, and she does not know what is best for her. See I know something she doesn’t know – she pushes me away precisely because she wants to see what I will do.

Earlier this week she did NOT want Mommy. I didn’t care, I picked her up and held her in my arms. She fought me, I told her I loved her. She screamed for her Daddy, I rocked her and told her that no matter what, I would I always love her. Then she stopped. She melted. She told me she loved me. I went to put her down, but she did not want to leave my lap, she wanted to cuddle with Mommy.

One day when I was praying about this, God told me that He wanted me to show her His love for her through my example. I know that it is important that I pursue her precisely because I want her to know how Christ will always pursue her. How many times do we push Him away? How many times do we prefer things of this world over Him? Yet He never gives up on us. Never. I want my daughter to grow up knowing she is loved like that. Which means I only have one choice: Pursue Her.

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