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End of the Summer of 1,000 miles

I started on a journey 175 days ago. Initially I did not set-out to walk far, but isn’t that is how most of life’s journeys get started? I had a simple goal: I wanted to be able to eat Easter dinner! I have gestational diabetes and need to watch my carb intake, walking naturally lowers your blood sugar, so I started a twice daily walking (or biking) regiment. Before I knew it 30 days passed, then 60, 100, the days just kept passing until I reached 175. I will admit it, my walk is getting a little slower, it resembles more of a waddle than anything. But I’ve managed to walk once a day 100% of the last 175 days, and twice a day on 90% of those days.

I am certainly not the exercise poster child, (let’s just say I need to do a few more rounds of Weight Watchers). I do not have a lot of free-time, as I work full-time, have two young children, a husband and household to run. But at some point I just decided:

No Excuses.

Got a blister? Too bad, put on a band-aid. Nauseated? Too bad, move and maybe you’ll stop thinking about it. Tired? You’ll be more energized later. Knee hurts? Oh well, skip the bike and just walk. Foot hurts? Skip the walk and just bike. Too hot? Walk inside. No time to drive to the mall? Turn on a Joyce Meyer podcast and pace inside. Things come up? I’ve been known to hit the bike at 11:45 PM, just so I could get it in before midnight!

If you decide excuses aren’t acceptable then suddenly the excuses don’t have power over you anymore.

The results? I have never felt this good during pregnancy. I actually WANT to work until I go into labor (although I do NOT want to go into labor at work!) I am on a very low dose medication for the gestational diabetes, but at 37.5 weeks I have been able to avoid insulin shots. My blood pressure is normal. I have gained under 20 lbs. I am happy, and have avoided a lot of the moodiness that I had in previous pregnancies. Life is good.

“Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles;

they will run and not grow weary,

they will walk and not be faint.”

Isaiah 40:31


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