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Best Pregnancy Ever – Tales from the Trenches

Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, miscarriages, NICU stays, bed-rest, overdosed twice by hospital staff . . . I have had my share of pregnancy complications. It may seem odd that the poster child of what you DON’T want to have happen during pregnancy is writing this blog post. But I have learned a thing or two along the way, and even though this pregnancy is no easier than previous ones, it is the best pregnancy ever!

1. Do not complain. When I was pregnant with my oldest, I was sick the first trimester, I felt terrible and I complained. Complaining did not change my circumstances, if anything, it made me feel worse. In a later pregnancy I did not feel sick at all – and then I miscarried. In my current pregnancy I said, “thank you that I am sick, this means the baby is implanting correctly and growing”. I was sicker this pregnancy then in all my previous ones combined, but deciding not to complain made this one go easier.

2. Do not compare. Lots of women get to eat whatever they want when they are pregnant. That’s not me. Low salt diet. Strict diabetic diet. I could compare and say, “every other pregnant woman in the world gets to eat what she wants – how come I can’t?”, or “it’s not fair, she eats whatever she wants and walks out of the hospital skinnier than before she got pregnant, while I watch my diet like a hawk, and it takes 3 years and a few rounds at Weight Watchers to take off the weight”. But that type of attitude does not change anything, it just makes me mad inside. THIS is my life. Besides, it’s just food, and just for a season, so get over it. (Although I do admit that I am looking forward to being able to have cake on my next birthday – fruit salad just doesn’t cut it).

3. Pace yourself. Rest. Ask for help. When I was pregnant with my son, I wanted to take care of everything by myself. I pushed myself, I got stressed out. Result: I was put on bed-rest at 28 weeks. In my current pregnancy I immediately cut back on everything. My husband does more around the house, and I don’t complain if he doesn’t do it how I would. I still work hard at my job (I have to), but then I specifically plan time to rest. Three afternoons a week I sit in bed for 2-3 hours. Every evening, after the kids are in bed, I sit in bed. I know I have to rest voluntarily or I else I will be forced to rest. Result: I have never felt this rested. I hope to work up until delivery.

4. Do what the Doctor says. I have done this in all my pregnancies, and I do not even want to think what would have happened if I had not.

5. Exercise! I am not a huge exercise fan, but this pregnancy I started walking twice a day because of the gestational diabetes. Sometimes I really do not want to walk, like today. But I can tell you that during pregnancy my ankles have never been this normal looking, I have never had so much energy, I have never gained so little weight, my blood pressure has never been this low, and I have been able to avoid a lot of meds. Totally worth it!

6. Pray. Trust God. No matter what happens, I want to have PEACE inside. I can only do that if I am coming to prayer every day. I can only do that if I am remembering God’s promises and meditating on His Word. I can only do that if I choose to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.

Following these doesn’t mean you’ll have a problem free pregnancy (I am proof of that), but they do make the journey much more enjoyable.

“Seek Peace and Pursue it” Psalm 34:14

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