Fixing Myself

I do not like displaying weaknesses.  In fact, I prefer to be like a Jedi Knight “there are no weaknesses here, move on”.  I then seem to be continuously surprised by my inability to “fix” myself. Continue reading

Waiting – for what?

Lately I have been in a stage of waiting.  I’ve been flooded the last few years with craziness around me, and a quiet time of waiting is just what the doctor ordered.  Yet rather than embracing this time of “peace all around”, I find myself wondering if it is the lull before the storm? Continue reading

A Man After God’s Heart

I’ve always had a hard time with the story of David.  I mean, he got a married woman pregnant and then had her husband killed in order to cover it up – yet he is referred to as a man after God’s own heart.  How does that even happen? Continue reading

I used to be a size 4. Now I’m not.

I used to be a size 4.  Now I’m not.  The stereotypical woman gets pregnant and gets to eats whatever she wants.  Not me.  I have to watch my diet like a hawk, carefully counting carbs and sodium grams, even opting for fruit salad over birthday cake on my birthday.

Continue reading

In Pursuit Revisited

At 18 months my oldest daughter started pushing me away. The emotional part of me was crushed. The logical part of me knew that as she was with her Daddy all day, of course she would prefer him. That’s when I heard God whisper two words, “PURSUE HER”. Continue reading

Enjoy This Moment

My son was grumbling that it was too hot. Inside I am screaming, “Really? Did we just not have the coldest, snowiest winter ever? It was the polar vortex for goodness sake. Now it’s Memorial Day and 84 and you want to complain?  What is the matter with you?” Continue reading

When it Rains it Pours

Last Friday, the motor on my windshield wipers broke, in the middle of a torrential rainstorm.  The part had to be special ordered.

Then my husband’s car started acting oddly.  Today we literally picked up my car up from the car repair place and dropped off my husband’s. Continue reading

"Seek peace and pursue it – Psalm 34:14b

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