We Have Hope

I am going to be real here, I had a terrible Thanksgiving.    I am almost glad for the weekend to be over, because it has to get better.  I came home from work early on Wednesday because I felt terrible.  Great news, I had a fever! Continue reading

The Little Light of Mine

A kid-free, work-free weekend?  I had not had one of those in over 2 years – and I was excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my family.  But having time to reflect, pray, and catch up with friends?  I need that too. Continue reading

Bye Bye Worry Lane

I used to spend a lot of time on Worry Lane. If my husband was 5 minutes late, I had already planned his funeral, panicked about finances and figured out how we would go on after his death. If I encountered a difficult situation, I would continuously re-play the events in my head. Many times I made myself physically sick by worrying about the “what ifs”. Continue reading

I Never Really Forgave Them

“Please, tell us what happened?” Ryan was one of my 4th graders.  He and everyone else in that classroom knew something was up.  Over half the class had left for the day already, and there was still an hour left of school.  One by one, as the children’s parents would come, I would send  the children home, without asking a question or (gulp) making any mention of homework.  But he knew something was wrong, and insisted on being told.  So I told 12 ten year olds what happened that awful morning. Continue reading

Make it Stop!

Last night the power fluctuated.  When it came back on, the back-up sump pump alarm was going off.  There is no off button on the alarm.  It is a high pitched, piercing noise that can be heard in every room of our house.  We bought it 10 years ago, and it has saved our house a few times, but it makes me crazy.  Home Depot was closed, so there was no fixing it tonight. Continue reading

Taking the Plunge into Essential Oils

My son has severe allergies and is asthmatic.  The doctor’s have had him on a daily dose of steroids for over five years.  I have not been peaceful about him being on that strong of a medication, but I liked him better breathing.  So we dutifully gave him his inhaler, two puffs each morning and night. Continue reading

Fixing Myself

I do not like displaying weaknesses.  In fact, I prefer to be like a Jedi Knight “there are no weaknesses here, move on”.  I then seem to be continuously surprised by my inability to “fix” myself. Continue reading

Waiting – for what?

Lately I have been in a stage of waiting.  I’ve been flooded the last few years with craziness around me, and a quiet time of waiting is just what the doctor ordered.  Yet rather than embracing this time of “peace all around”, I find myself wondering if it is the lull before the storm? Continue reading

"Seek peace and pursue it – Psalm 34:14b

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