It’s sooooo darn cold… brr

I have a Facebook friend who is always urging people to stop complaining about the weather.  I will be honest, I normally roll my eyes.  I mean, it was -22 degrees the day he posted that.  NEGATIVE 22 degrees!  How could anyone not complain? Continue reading

Now I Know that God is Real!

My son is 8, and he asks me a lot of questions about God.  How do we know that God exists?  How did the Bible get written?  How can it be that God was never created?  What happens to the people that never heard about God?  How do you hear God’s voice?  Why doesn’t he talk in a voice that everyone can hear?

“Really kid? You’re eight.” So I bought him a book called “801 Questions Kids Ask About God.” His response?  “Finally!”, as he ripped the book out of my hands, and ran upstairs to start reading.

He is definitely a thinker, and he gives me a run for my money.  I have tried to answer all his questions as best I can.  But in reality, these are hard questions for believers of any age.  There is certainly an eliminate of faith involved in some of these answers.  And I was totally feeling my inadequacy, as I tried to recall what I had been taught in high school Bible class.

Fast forward three months…

My husband and youngest daughter went to Panama for a week to visit his Mom.  The first night they were gone was AWFUL.  My daughter literally wailed (note: she wailed, not cried) for over an hour (seriously) because she missed her Papi.  My son is not quite as expressive, he mainly just wanted her to be quiet because his solution was to think about something else instead, and her wailing made him keep thinking about it.  (I find that response fascinating, but will save it for another day.)

I ended up reading the kids a scripture that God had led me to that morning during my prayer time.  My son was amazed at the thought that God could send the exact message we needed to hear at the right moment.  The look of joy on his face warmed my heart.

The next day God led me to another scripture, I read it to the kids at breakfast.  They did not say much.

Friday morning, I thought I would help God along, and pick out a scripture to read on my own.  And God said, “no way”, and instead He led me to another scripture for them.  After I read it to the kids at breakfast, my son jumped up and said with great joy in his heart, “Now I know that God is Real!”

I asked him what he meant by that.  He basically told me that he had wanted to believe in God, but now because of these scriptures, he knew that God heard his prayers and cared about him.  He told me, “Mami, it makes me feel better inside when you read the Bible to me.”

For months I had seen him struggling.  I could see him trying to figure out in his little brain how to believe in a God that he can’t see, hear or touch.  And now he believed.

It didn’t happen because of any great argument I made, wonderful book he read, or from a stellar Sunday School lesson.  Rather it happened in a moment at the table, begun out of desperation, taking two minutes to read God’s Word.

It was then that he knew that God heard his prayers, that God saw Him, and cared.

I am sure that this little thinker of mine will still have more thinking to do on the subject.  But I pray that he will always remember this moment as being the time when he first knew that God really was real.

Amen.  So be it.  It would have been enough for me.

“Seek peace and pursue it” Psalm 34:14b


3030 Challenge

Lately I have felt far away from God.  Sometimes He seems so close that I can almost touch Him, other times the silence is deafening.   This time, a month, then two went by, and I hardly heard His voice, rarely felt His presence.

Not that He wasn’t there, He was.  He is.  But He just feels more like a whisper than a wind. Continue reading

Resolutions Failed and Kept

I love making New Year’s resolutions. (I may or may not have a strategic life plan.)  But this year, when I went to make my annual resolutions, I just wasn’t feeling it.  As I re-read 2014′s goals, I found myself focusing on what I hadn’t accomplished.  To be honest, I felt like one big failure. Continue reading

We Have Hope

I am going to be real here, I had a terrible Thanksgiving.    I am almost glad for the weekend to be over, because it has to get better.  I came home from work early on Wednesday because I felt terrible.  Great news, I had a fever! Continue reading

The Little Light of Mine

A kid-free, work-free weekend?  I had not had one of those in over 2 years – and I was excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my family.  But having time to reflect, pray, and catch up with friends?  I need that too. Continue reading

Bye Bye Worry Lane

I used to spend a lot of time on Worry Lane. If my husband was 5 minutes late, I had already planned his funeral, panicked about finances and figured out how we would go on after his death. If I encountered a difficult situation, I would continuously re-play the events in my head. Many times I made myself physically sick by worrying about the “what ifs”. Continue reading

I Never Really Forgave Them

“Please, tell us what happened?” Ryan was one of my 4th graders.  He and everyone else in that classroom knew something was up.  Over half the class had left for the day already, and there was still an hour left of school.  One by one, as the children’s parents would come, I would send  the children home, without asking a question or (gulp) making any mention of homework.  But he knew something was wrong, and insisted on being told.  So I told 12 ten year olds what happened that awful morning. Continue reading

Make it Stop!

Last night the power fluctuated.  When it came back on, the back-up sump pump alarm was going off.  There is no off button on the alarm.  It is a high pitched, piercing noise that can be heard in every room of our house.  We bought it 10 years ago, and it has saved our house a few times, but it makes me crazy.  Home Depot was closed, so there was no fixing it tonight. Continue reading

"Seek peace and pursue it – Psalm 34:14b

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